Dr Scott - Medical Director

dr scott profile pictureDr. Tina Carroll-Scott is a board-certified pediatrician in practice for over twenty years. She is a graduate of Princeton University, Boston University School of Medicine, the University of Chicago Hospitals and Miami Children’s Hospital for internship/residency.

Dr. Scott has built her career as a pediatrician focused on populations in-need. First caring for an immigrant farm worker population in Fort Pierce, Florida, and now with the uninsured/underinsured children in South Miami. The goal was to provide high quality healthcare, dispelling the perception that “free care” meant substandard care. Her belief was that improved access to healthcare and health education would give these children the foundation to build healthier minds and bodies. She also believed that a real difference could be made in the lives of these children by providing a true medical home.

Since opening the clinic ten years ago, she has been able to achieve many of these goals. Poverty, fatherlessness, teenage pregnancies, substance abuse and illiteracy are just a few of the problems plaguing this community. The clinic has become an avenue to address the medical, psychosocial and economic problems facing these families and is instrumental in providing resources. She has recently implemented the use of telemedicine into her practice to improve access to care and reduce after hours urgent care and emergency room visits for non-emergencies.

Dr. Scott’s life has come full circle in becoming a part of the South Miami Children’s Clinic. “I’ve come back to working with the underserved and I have discovered it is my passion…using my training to make the greatest difference in the lives of people most in need.”